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These days, people are increasingly using many of the modern designs applied in their homes. Not only helps every family has outstanding and impressive space. But also bring natural light…

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These days, people are increasingly using many of the modern designs applied in their homes. Not only helps every family has outstanding and impressive space. But also bring natural light to the house.

Especially, the design of the light-glass roof is used by many people. Because it has many unique and comprehensive advantages for your home. However, not everyone knows where to hire this type of design? Therefore in the article below, we will share with you the most prestigious design unit. You can refer to offline.

glazed glass roof

Glass Roof At Tinta Company

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1. What is glazed glass roof?

Let’s find out first what the glass roof is . It is a form of roof using tempered glass, safety tempered glass. Can also be laminated safety glass. Because of this, the design costs are also affordable, affordable for many families. But still bring a space with natural light full of sophistication. Bring a unique art to the room.

The construction of a light-glass roof is also quite simple. It consists of a rigid truss system underneath and a glass roof above. The glass roof is usually flat or round. This depends on the needs and preferences of the customer and the construction space and design.

glazed glass roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Prestigious Design Design of Prestige Glass Roof in Vietnam

2. What are the outstanding advantages of the roof glazing?

In fact, perhaps the first advantage that every family mentioned. It is shading the sun and rain very effectively. Moreover, as the name implies, It can adjust the light refracted into the house.

In addition, when used as a roof for skylights. Then every space in the house always receives natural light. Minimizing glare and preventing radiation rays harmful to human health.

Another outstanding advantage is that it is quite durable and lasts for a long time. In addition, they have a compact design and are particularly aesthetically pleasing. Make the house, office look more beautiful, more sophisticated and more polite.

3. How much is the designed roof glass price?

Surely you will have the same question, right? Depending on the space area as well as the needs of customers. Which can be designed to suit the best.

Usually 1m2 is calculated = price of 1m2 of frame structure + price of 1 m2 of toughened glass + Cost of accessories, if any.

In addition, the cost of the glazed roof depends on the product model.

glazed glass roof

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4. Is the unit designing roof glass from which prestige?

Because there are quite a lot of needs to design and use the roof glass . So in recent times appeared many businesses want to provide this service.

One of the leading and most reputable brands. It is a TINTA joint stock company. Our company with a team of agile design staff, skilled. Certainly will make customers most satisfied and believe absolutely in our service.

5. Benefits of customers when renting design glass roof at TINTA

glazed glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

  • Customers will be consulted enthusiastically by a team of professional and experienced workers. Always answer all customer questions about the design at TINTA.
  • Skilled construction staff will design the most appropriate space and the wishes of customers.
  • Price designed roof light glass at our company TINTA. Always the most competitive, most affordable on the market today. See more stainless steel trolleys. Quotations of stainless steel trolleys. Stainless steel industrial trolleys

If you have a need for a lighted glass roof , please contact us. For the best support offline.

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