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Revit software is an indispensable design tool for architecture and construction. Thanks to the outstanding features of the design and construction software of all kinds of glass roofs. Pattern glass…

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Revit software is an indispensable design tool for architecture and construction. Thanks to the outstanding features of the design and construction software of all kinds of glass roofs. Pattern glass roof revit applies not only within the actual construction but also be seen as a module in schools.

Revit glass roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Prestigious Design Design of Prestige Glass Roof in Vietnam

How to draw revit glass roof like?

Particularly with Revit glass roof, we will use Sloped Glazing to paint.

Step 1: Go to the menu, select View / Plan View / Floor Plane, select the level for the roof, with the glass roof, select Sloped Glazing , turn off the Ceiling display with the VG off command.

Step 2: Go to the menu and select Architecture / Build / Roof to build the roof.

  • For flat roofs, the roof should be erected based on foot contour and slope.
  • For roofs with curved surfaces, the roof should be erected by pulling along the section.

Step 3: Adjust the bar to design the slope of the Defines Slope glass roof, to reach the awning, use Over cave, with wall core use Extend to wall core. Note: If the height of the roof is not equal, the top of the roof is not symmetrical, so it is necessary to adjust the height of the roof top to match.

Revit glass roof

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Outstanding advantages when using revit glass roof?

  • In order to improve the accuracy: Through the scale we can adjust the glass roof.
  • The system of symbols is strictly and uniformly managed.
  • Short time: Deploying time is extremely fast, easy to edit, fast.
  • Easy coordination: Revit’s Architecture, Structure, MEP work together.
  • From the benefits Revit brings, students of architecture, construction, engineers and architects have applied to jobs and projects to improve the quality of work and bring about efficiency. highest. And especially easier when designing revit glass roof .

Where to design professional revit glass roof?

Today, the use of revit glass roof design to make buildings large and small is more and more popular thanks to the convenient features that it brings. That is why there are so many service addresses here, but there are many businesses that lose credibility and quality, causing customers to encounter many bad cases.

However, currently according to some current voting information. TINTA Company is honored to be voted as one of the best service providers for designing quality revit glass roofs at very competitive prices.

Especially when coming to TINTA Company, customers will be consulted with various designs. Customers can add or remove some details to suit their homes.

Revit glass roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

What is the construction process of TINTA when designing revit glass roof?

Upon receiving the request, TINTA joined the architects in the design. Construction survey

Advise customers on revit glass roof designs through revit models. Then consider modifying the sample to help optimize the construction to avoid great risks during the construction process. As soon as customers feel good, we will start construction and quote immediately with the most competitive price.

Revit glass roofs are designed by our company to provide safe and suitable product designs that meet the needs of the market and users’ strict technical, safety and aesthetic requirements. For customers who need to design a revit glass roof, please contact TINTA immediately.

Sincerely thank.

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