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One of the creative designs for this modern home is the terrace. Rooftop terrace models provide a cool space at the top of the house or building. Because of that,…

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One of the creative designs for this modern home is the terrace. Rooftop terrace models provide a cool space at the top of the house or building.

Because of that, many models of rooftop roofs have been born to support those who need to use the terrace to take advantage of all the time to rest without fear of sun and rain. Let’s Tinta learn more useful information about roof terrace.

Terrace roof

Roof Terrace In Tinta Company

Purpose of using the roof form

Currently on the market, there are many different types of rooftop roofs that give users a variety of opportunities to choose a satisfactory roof model. But not all terraces use the same type of roof.

  • Save space on the terrace
  • Create a relaxing, entertaining or business space
  • Can be used for rooftop vegetable growing model
  • Very good rain and sun protection
  • Exterior decoration of the house is more modern

Due to the location of the terrace above, it is always subjected to the direct effects of frequent sunshine and rain. Without protective equipment, it is difficult to use continuously.

Terrace roof

TINTA Joint Stock Company -The Brand Design of Roof Design for Prestige Terrace in Vietnam

Some models of popular roof tops nowadays

Roof terrace made of glass:

The roof form is mainly used toughened glass.

Tempered glass used for the terrace is mostly transparent glass. Or have cool colors like blue, gray. Toughened glass roof gets natural light without causing uncomfortable feeling for people sitting under the roof because of its effective insulation.

Tempered glass roof also has good strength, does not make noise. Above all, it is highly aesthetic, modern and extremely luxurious, so it is very suitable to turn the terrace into a beautiful little garden when combined with trees, decorative lights.

Form roof terrace with corrugated iron

Helps cover the rain and sun for the sky terrace space.

The product is also durable

Applied in many restaurants and cafes to make the terrace an ideal location for customers to experience the feeling of closeness to nature. Depending on the purpose of use and the location of the space used, users can choose the type of roof roof with corrugated iron arch or type of fitting accordingly.

Terrace roof

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Model of rooftop terrace roof type folding roof

They are a combination of hard stainless steel iron frame and canvas. This type of roof can be retracted or opened easily.

If users want to rest, entertainment on the terrace can open the roof and vice versa. If you want to catch direct light, you can close the roof. 

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Terrace roof

Tinta Always Creates The Best Quality Products

Address provides quality roof designs, diverse designs

TINTA offers a variety of roof cover models with a variety of designs that are suitable for all types of roof constructions, from small to large areas.

TINTA’s rooftop roofing technician  will conduct a survey of consultants and design a rooftop terrace suitable for the space used.

For more information on the rooftop terrace models provided by TINTA. Customers please call the hotline: 0987 636 779. Be the next partner of TINTA today.


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