Moc Bai international border gate has been upgraded since 2016

In 2015, the People’s Committee of Tay Ninh province decided to approve the project of expanding, upgrading, renovating and repairing Moc Bai International Border Gate Station in Loi Thuan Commune, Ben Cau District, Tay Ninh Province.

The project is upgraded in the direction of expansion (area of ​​2.156m2), harmonious combination of modern architecture with traditional style; to ensure the beauty, international standards; At the same time, it is in line with the needs of arranging work for functional agencies and creating favorable conditions for visitors as well as means of transport to go through the border gate.

The main new design solution of the project is complete dismantling, replacement of bricks, floors, flower beds, bricks and columns; expanded control area, waiting area for procedures, roof; redesigned the flag pole, symbol area, flower basin … with the total cost of construction of over 32 billion VND, which is used from the cost of infrastructure of the border gate economic zone.

Mr. Pham Van Son, Head of the International Border Gate Management Board of the province, said that the control station of Moc Bai International Border Gate was built more than 11 years ago and has seriously deteriorated; The working area, the waiting area of ​​the guests are cramped, overloaded, not meet the needs of work agencies and domestic and international guests.

According to Mr. Son, the project will be held at the end of December 2015, beginning in 2016 will start repair.

During the construction phase, the Moc Bai border gate will temporarily move to a new area (Golden Century duty free supermarket), about 100 m away from Moc Bai border gate. During this time, customs clearance activities, crossing the border are still normal.


Project Name: Moc Bai Station Control Station Project

Year of make: 2012

Area: 2,156m2

Value: 25.3 billion

Owner: Asian Development Bank
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