Oceanami Resort – International class resort

Oceanami Resort Resort has 347 villas, located in 44A Long Hai coastal road, Ba Ria province and far from the center of District 2. Ho Chi Minh City is just 1 hour 15 minutes by car. All resorts lean back to Mount Minh Dam, the front facing the East Sea forms a rare feng shui position: paint – Nghinh Hai. Oceanic Resort – Dream Villas & Spa is the perfect destination for a peaceful and tranquil weekend.

Mount Minh Dam is about 200m high, with luxuriant forest, green trees and many caves. As the cherry blossom spring blossoms burst through the hills, Oceanami Resort dresses in a chic pink blouse. From the foot of the mountain, a paved road covered with green trees cool tourists to the top of the mountain with a panoramic view of Long Hai Sea and hills.

Architecture is part of nature

Putting the environment first, our international experts are determined to pursue the goal of bringing nature into both landscape and architectural design. More than 70 plant species are appropriately allocated to create 10 different landscape designs. All 347 villas, carefully arranged to bring the “curve” moving harmoniously into the entire planning of Oceanami Resort.

Optimized vision

The landscape is one of the factors contributing to the added value of a real estate project. At Oceanami Resort – Dream Villas & Spa, the entire architecture system is designed with the motto optimizing vision from all directions. This unique design will help investors enjoy a wonderful view where the sky, sea and green forests blend together. Minh Dam Mountain in the west as the arms embrace Oceanami Resort create a strong fulcrum for the whole resort; The view of the East is a 1 km long coastline – where the first sun rays of the new day. This perfect combination creates the “Title Son – Nghinh Hai”, a beautiful position to bring prosperity, start a life of happiness and peace.

Unique living environment

Nestled on Minh Dam Mountain with fresh air filtered from the woods behind the abundant oxygen supply from the South China Sea, residents can enjoy a natural habitat completely pure. Oceanami Resort – Dream Villas & Spa is an ideal place to recover from stress and fatigue. In addition, the resort offers a full range of facilities for recreational, leisure, and community activities: cooking courses, yoga classes, spa services and Have fun, practice with professional coaches, outdoor or underwater sports activities …

Landscape vegetation system

Oceanami Resort – Dream Villas & Spa owns the architecture, modern furniture, unique combination with the design of green landscape to bring a space of living, sophistication, harmony with nature. Living space shady trees are planned overall and arranged around the residential area to create private and green space. Based on the ancient Eastern philosophy, the grass is the essence, the soul of heaven and earth. At Oceanami Resort, more than 70 plant species are meticulously arranged interlocking with the five elements and order of the 24 elements of the year. Wishing to create harmony with the sky, our international landscape specialists will bring prosperity to the residents of the resort.

Dive into nature

Creating a unique living environment is the result of the combination of traditional Vietnamese design values ​​and the sustainability of natural materials. In the landscape design process, the selection of ornamental plants is based on detailed surveys of local flora. With skilled hands, landscape professionals have taken advantage of the plants suitable with the soil to bring harmony to each villa.

No pollution from vehicles

Oceanami Resort – Dream Villas & Spa is located in a secluded area, completely away from the noisy of the residential area, bring a private living space, where to keep sweet moments with the family, friends and lovers. In addition, the green park system helps clean the air and improve the quality of life for residents. With the intention of creating a friendly environment for nature, architects have used natural materials such as bamboo, gravel and green stone. The harmonious combination of these natural materials is the foundation for bringing “breath” of nature into the living space.

In addition, Oceanami Resort possesses state-of-the-art wastewater treatment technologies from Europe that are guaranteed to have no impact on the natural environment. Two public parking lots located outside the residential area with a capacity of 3,000 parking spaces will limit the noise, smell of gasoline and help to keep the air fresh. This arrangement will also ensure the safety of recreational activities and


Project name: Oceanami resort & luxury

Year of implementation:

Area: 22ha with 700m coastline


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