Dong Nai River originates from the Lam Vien Plateau (Lam Dong) and poured into Saigon River to the South China Sea. Over 586 km long river has more than a dozen hydropower station has been planned to build to tap water by the method steps, including Dong Nai 4 hydropower is planned, which is terraced hydropower 6 minutes from the Dong Nai river upstream (after work Don Duong Dai Ninh hydropower, Dong Nai hydropower 1, 2, Dong Nai hydropower, Dong Nai 3 hydropower).

Headworks clusters of Dong Nai 4 Hydropower town located in the Quang Khe and Dak Nong provinces and districts DakGLong Bao Loc, Bao Lam district, Lam Dong province.

The main parameters of the Dong Nai 4 Hydropower:

– Online wholesale level I, level II plant (according TCXDVN 285-2002)

– The catchment area of ​​149 km2

– Normal water level (FSL): + 476 m

– Dead water level (MNC): + 474 m

– Useful Volume: 16.7 million m3

– Capacity to the FSL: 337.2 million m3

– Calculating water column Htt: 176 m

– Installed capacity: 340 MW

– Electricity average year: 1109.5 million kWh

The main works:

1.Dap cross the river: the first roller concrete dam (RCC) dam crest level +481 (m); crest length of 511 (m); crest width of 10 (m); 127.5 largest dam height (m); vertical roof upstream, downstream inclined with m = 0.8.

2. Spillway: gravity spillway, energy dissipation by nasal spray. Overflow weir level + 460m (16m lower FSL), with size 5-door, each door b x h = 15 x 16 (m). Supply valve with b x h = 15 x 16.5 (m). Opens by hydraulic cylinder.

3. Shop for water: reinforced concrete structure, for water depth, with 2 cabins, each about 8 m width, the door on the bottom level +456.5 m; Biggest traffic through the door is 221 (m3 / s). Arrangement of lifting equipment installation and service of equipment operation.

4. Water tunnel: There is a path of reinforced concrete water 8,0m.Tinh diameter of the intake coming from the surge tank, 4,288 m long tunnel.

5. Surge tank: Structural 1m thick reinforced concrete. Tower consists of two chambers: Chambers on 20 meters in diameter, 70 meters high; chamber under 7 m in diameter, height of 34.5 m.

6. Pipelines pressure: after the surge tank pressure pipe, diameter of 7 meters, length turn to account the location turbines is 321.14 m. The latter is divided into 2 branches in turbines, each arm length 32,94m

7. Hydropower Plant: Style openings; composed of 2 units, vertical Francis turbine, installed capacity of 170 MW per unit. Floor elevation +315.5 m fitted. The elevation +281.4 m turbine set. Plant size 62 (m) x 51.75 (m).

8. 220 Kw power distribution station. Power distribution stations outdoor type, voltage 220KV

9. Road 220 KV power connector from the power plant to the national system of 220 KV double circuit line at 500 KV station Dac Nong.

10. operational area managers
Dong Nai hydropower works 4 day 26.12.2004 start construction, inaugurated February 27, 2013. Both units were generating national grid, contributing to increased power meet the development needs of the economy, society and improve people’s lives.


Project name: Dong Nai 4 Hydropower

Year: 2013

Area: 149 km2

Value: 122.5 billion

Owner: corporation Electricity of Vietnam
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