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Space Frame. Stainless steel space frame sus 304. space frame, or also referred to as stainless steel space. Space frames. These are the different names of space frame products. Nowadays,….

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Space Frame. Stainless steel space frame sus 304.

space frame, or also referred to as stainless steel space. Space frames. These are the different names of space frame products. Nowadays,. In the construction industry of Vietnam, as well as the modern construction industry in the world. Space frame products, space for roofs, are being used extensively. With the outstanding features of Space frames, stand with other steel structures. Especially than the concrete. Space frames are widely used in the construction of civil and industrial. With the names:. Stainless steel space frames 304. Roof with space frames. Canopy roof… .

Pioneer in the field of design cad drawing for space space frames. VIETNAM TINTA CORPORATION, Not only is the best manufacturer with steel space frames, But also the best supplyer with stainless steel space frame products. Stainless steel space frames products, Sus 304, the best quality by TinTa’s products and installation has been appreciated by many investors.

Space spatial, space spatial. Space time. Dan stainless steel 304.

Space production. Dan stainless steel 304.
Product Space, space. Dan stainless steel space. is one of the pioneering products of TINTA. With many designs in the unique architectural structure of the customer space, there are many choices of prices as well as diverse products of TinTa.

Materials for manufacturing steel space or space spans in general. It is often used as a steel material. But with stainless steel space. Stainless steel and 304 stainless steel are always chosen by many investors. Because of the shine of stainless steel when manufactured into the product space 304 stainless steel. The increase in the grandeur of the structure of stainless steel space. Very nice with this steel structure. Products Stainless steel space is the type of modern architecture is preferred in Vietnam and around the world.

Products stainless steel space branded TINTA. always selected by the investors. to create more monumental for high-class buildings. When it comes to stainless steel space, or stainless steel space 304. Or the product space in general, the brand TINTA has been satisfying all customers.

Design space space. Dan stainless steel 304.

Se roof space to receive. with unique design of stainless steel. The architecture of the spatial link creates a truly beautiful and beautiful steel structure. Superior performance and superior level for construction. the texture of the stainless steel space frame products. Therefore, the stainless steel space frame makes those who see with their own eyes will not be surprised about the prominence and class of the works.

Stainless steel space is usually combined with the roofing. There are stainless steel space, use the light plate. Inox space space again using glass roof strength. In the space frame design. 304 stainless steel space frame special focus on aesthetics.

Materials manufacturing space. space stainless steel.

Space time. space stainless steel. There are many different materials. to create a truly spectacular space. But more than that, the 304 stainless steel space is combined with the toughened glass roof. The beauty of the architecture of space. space stainless steel ,. Always create high level and unique for all projects.

Space is increasingly being used in the world. In Viet Nam. The design of the truss structure as a symbol of the beauty of modern architecture. With industrial buildings or large sports stadiums. Space Space is always chosen by the designers as an optimal solution. Cost saving and easy to erect.

Select Space. Dan stainless steel 304.
There are works using non-roofed stainless steel space products. Just to decorate and create class. as well as increase the majesty of the project. Space time. space stainless steel. It has been selected by designers and investors as a highlight for the project.

Space TINTA. Space stainless steel 304.
Space time. space stainless steel. Widely used not only because of the majestic but steel structure is very solid. Can beat the big beat. and applied in the roof for factories, athletics. Products Space, Space, Space. Dan stainless steel space. is one of the pioneering products of TINTA.

Structure space stainless steel. Space TinTa.

The majority of the roof space structure. Used in conjunction with reinforced glass roofing. To create a roof and still bring the monumental for that project.

Space Design, space, Dan stainless steel space. The past and the present. Many design engineers and even space construction companies. for decoration purposes. or as a highlight for works. often use the roof to pick up space with polycarbonate roofing. This is a pretty big mistake in the design. as well as in the construction space for decorating purposes. You care about this item. Please see more >>>

The roof of the roof space is designed and architectural for the construction and class events in Vietnam.

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