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A roof is a product that brings perfection to your home. A perfect house is indispensable for a roof and to have a nice roof, you need to know the…

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A roof is a product that brings perfection to your home. A perfect house is indispensable for a roof and to have a nice roof, you need to know the design of the design suitable for the house. Here are the designs of beautiful roofs that TINTA has summarized.

The current design of the roof is often made of many different materials, not just the traditional roof pattern of the corrugated iron or the old porch, but instead typical of some materials such as glass. Toughness, bricks, tarpaulins … each material is with each different feature. Diversified from fixed, shielded or more flexible when using the remote control button.

Depending on the structure where you need to build, you can choose the appropriate roof. Let TINTA learn about the welcome.


Nice roof design


 Two types of beautiful roof design today

-Mobile pickup:

With a compact design, can be used for large areas, outdoor parties of the family. When needed we can roll up easily and quickly. Currently, in TINTA stainless steel truss there are many types of mobile awnings, with the rigid and strong rigidity of the steel or stainless steel frame.

-Glass pickup:

Has a shielding effect that can both capture natural light. The roof contributes to creating a newness for the space. Also they help bring luxury to the house. More specifically, this glass roof design will be combined with synchronous accessories and stainless steel frame systems to add high aesthetics.


Nice roof design today

With this kind of roof top design made of tempered glass, customers should choose TINTA to ensure quality and safety during use. The glass roof can be used in large areas, large spaces and even narrow spaces because of its ability to absorb natural sunlight for some places lacking light, narrow space, dark and help save use electricity.

2. The cost to design a nice roof in TINTA stainless steel space ?

Nice roof construction is a fairly common construction item, because the use of a beautiful roof will increase the modernity and professionalism when used and with the increasing aesthetic needs of each person, so there are many Many customers often invest in roof design to create a highlight for their homes.

Customers who have cooperated on the roof of TINTA – stainless steel space platform are very satisfied with our transparent and detailed quotation service, especially at very competitive prices. 

TINTA is one of the leading units in the field of welcome roof construction. We have a team of experienced architects specializing in the design of beautiful roofs and always offer the best solutions to bring the perfect work.  Read more about stainless steel processing in tphcm. Processing of 304 stainless steel . Stainless steel processing hcm.

3. Incentives when choosing beautiful roof design at TINTA

When you come to the roof design at us, you will save a lot of construction costs for the family because the materials are imported from the manufacturer. In addition, customers will be guaranteed products up to 5 years. 


Nice roof construction

Inox space frame – TINTA  specializes in construction design produces beautiful roof designs, with designs suitable to every detail when choosing beautiful roof construction at TINTA. 

Customers completely assured of quality, aesthetics and price. Our company is committed to customers 100% of customers will like when coming to us. If you have any questions, please contact: 0987. 636. 779  for more advice. Sincerely thank.


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