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Best quality iron glass box in Ho Chi Minh City.   Today the use of a roof is not too strange in life. It not only has a simple shielding…

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Best quality iron glass box in Ho Chi Minh City.


Today the use of a roof is not too strange in life. It not only has a simple shielding function but it is also highly aesthetic. And the better the material, the longer it will be used, the more customers will choose.

Therefore, the iron frame system is always the first choice of everyone.


A reputable and quality iron roof glass installation unit in Ho Chi Minh City.

With increasing demand, it is not difficult to find a roof installation service on the market. But to choose a unit that provides quality service at an affordable price is not easy.

With many years of experience in the field of manufacturing, designing and installing roof trusses, stainless steel space trusses. Our Tinta Vietnam Joint Stock Company is confident to be one of the 100 most developed enterprises in the country.

We have a team of staff, professional engineers, always dedicated to the profession. Make sure to always solve all product problems from customers. Moreover our company has a modern production line with foreign experts. Always produce and market the best quality products.

We always endeavor, try to assert our position in the domestic and foreign markets.

Come with us to get a perfect iron glass roof truss frame .

Service of installing iron frame glass frame box in Ho Chi Minh City.

The process of installing iron box glass roof of Tinta Vietnam.

Step 1: Survey, consultation, design.

Our engineers will come to the site to survey. Based on the needs, the budget of the customer that will give the design plan with the most appropriate materials.

Step 2: Prepare construction.

After reaching agreement, there is a complete design. We will give to the factory to have iron frames, quality tempered glass.

Step 3: Installing iron box glass roof:

  • Installation of iron frame truss structure: The stage needs to be most accurate, so it will be done under the supervision of engineers. Ensuring ruggedness and safety for roof trusses
  • Install tempered glass to the roof frame: Carry out careful measurements before placing the glass panels to the most accurate.

Step 4: Complete.

After installing the frame, we proceed to fix screws, glue … to have a firm roof.

Step 5: Acceptance of handover and payment.

Once completed and carefully tested by customers. Our staff will accept and hand over the product. And start maintenance policy, product warranty if any error occurs.

The process of installing iron box gantry roof of our company is committed to being the highest standard of precision and safety.

Prestigious iron glass box at Tinta Vietnam.

The advantages of Tinta Vietnam’s iron box glass roof system.

  • Sturdy frame, durable, lower cost than other materials.
  • The process of transportation, construction, installation is quick and easy.
  • Withstand the force, great heat, with all different weather persist.
  • Clear tempered glass roofs bring natural light to eliminate harmful rays.
  • There is a simple design, luxurious design suitable for many spaces.
  • Not much detail, easy to clean, clean.

Our company when working always put the trust of customers first. That is why we always bring you the best products and services.

If you need to install quality iron roof truss frames with cheap price, please contact us immediately.

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