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The greatest spatial space of all time

Mero is responsible not only for design, structural calculation and construction, but also for the manufacture and installation of complete steel structures.

Mero is not only responsible for the design, structural calculation and construction of the Ferrari world, but also for the complete production and installation of the space rig.

The brilliance in the red signal of the Scuderia Ferrari world rises like a landmark in the center of the island. The design of Benoy Architects aims to create an emblematic building of all the emotions and values ​​that Ferrari has symbolic status over the past five years. The dynamic design of the roof evokes associations with the typical flow for the body of a Formula 1 Ferrari.

The Ferrari world is covered by a huge roof of gigantic roofs formed with a covered area equivalent to half the area of ​​the Vatican State or equivalent to 28 times the size of stadium football.

Full-space truss structure with a surface of nearly 200,000 m² including space roof. With a total of 172,000 links and 43,100 nodes, this is the largest space structure ever built in the world.
The so-called shield with a surface of 86,200 m² is a large central structure, with a maximum diameter of 377 m. surrounded by facades. At the center of the shield, the glass funnel is imposing. With a total surface of 9,440 m², measures 100 m in diameter at the point where it penetrates the roof of the shield and candle tree 18 m in diameter at the ground level. Three open peripheral triforms extend the central shield in star shape and have an approximate area. 100,000 m². Beginning is the only extension of the shield, the triforms are each divided into two prongs as they reach 1/3 of their total length, and they end up in three-dimensional triangulation tricks at a maximum distance. from the shield in 284 m. The maximum distance between the tips of the two triforms is 775 m.

The framework of its own space structure is subdivided into two-layer and three-layer areas. The frames themselves were constructed as three-dimensional spatial structure structures, and they were integrated directly into the double-layered roof structure, which gives the steel structure its harmonious roof texture.
The size of the spatial grid in the area of ​​the shield is limited to a length. This allows for a dimensioning of personal construction elements that are ideal from a cost perspective related to the view as well as to the installation procedure. At the same time, the grid size extensively combined with the membership diameter is mostly small to create the impression of a surprisingly cool structure.
At a level of 18 m to 32 m, the roof structure of the shield is based on a minimum number of axial shaft position requirements. In the middle, twelve columns centered symmetric space around the hopper. They have a rectangular section at the bottom of the area and divide half the height into two opposite domes that blend completely with the three beams of the roof structure. In their final state – completely cladded – they are reminiscent of the arches of the medieval church.

Channels, shields and triforms independently act independently. That means Ferrari’s world steel structures are divided into five separate buildings.
The nodes and members of the Mero spatial frame are calculated according to the structural calculation procedures with the coupling nodes specified in the technical approval for the Mero structures, based on DIN 18800. By The appropriate supporting organization, it was able to activate a two-axis load transmission and to achieve a marked reduction of the cross-sectional forces compared to those resulting in a structural plane space. The consequence is a special system that is lightweight and cost-optimized.

The start of Formula One race in Abu Dhabi on 1 November 2009 set the deadline for completion of the project. This leads to further heavy demands on the organization of the manufacturing process, logistics and installation.
Not surprisingly for this very large project, project management has made very strict requirements on Health & Safety, which Mero TSK observes and enforces strictly. With over 720,000 hours of men without any working time lost due to an accident (LTI), Mero TSK has its fair share of nominees as “The Winner of the Best Achievement in Y Construction & Safety 2008 “Aldar Property PJSC – Yas Island Project was awarded by SHP IOSH.
To achieve maximum satisfaction of customers and partners with high quality solutions with a special design that is part of Mero’s TSK philosophy. Ferrari World is a great illustration of this.

The key data of this project reads like a list of superlatives, and the need for logistics, production and erection, as well as extremely intense pressure on the external limits of the techniques. technical ability

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