Ca Mau Water Hospital

Cai Nuoc General Hospital was established on July 15, 1999 under the Decision No. 573 / QĐ-UBND of the President of the Ca Mau People’s Committee, on the basis of separating the medical departments of the Cai health center Country. When it was newly established, with 150 beds, there were 132 officers, including 18 general practitioners and 1 specialist. I. The hospital operates in the model of hospital III with 04 offices. and 14 clinics and sub-clinical facilities, medical facilities were built in the last years of the 80’s, the last century has been degraded. Promote the tradition of the team of doctors ahead, the hospital staff members to promote the precious tradition that constantly strive to study, training overcome all difficulties rise.

By 2007, the hospital was recognized by the provincial People’s Committee as a second class hospital with 300 inpatient beds (currently 370 beds planned, 434 beds actually). On October 1, 2016, the hospital was renamed Cai Nuoc General Hospital. Since then, the hospital has been constantly developing. And now, the project to build, upgrade and expand Cai Nuoc General Hospital was approved by the provincial People’s Committee in 2007 with the investment capital of more than 400 billion VND. So far, the project has disbursed over 100 billion VND and some departments: Internal Medicine, Internal medicine, Oriental Medicine – Physiotherapy, Tuberculosis, Infection, Pharmacy, internal passage stage I have put into use make up The appearance of a regional general hospital class II.

Organizational: The hospital now has 8 functional divisions, 24 clinical and subclinical clinics with 466 staff. Of which, there are 84 doctors (03 specialists, 01 master, 30 specialists in grade I), university pharmacists: 06 (including specialists of grade I: 02), university of finance and accounting : 04, other universities (electrical and electronics engineers: 02, information technology engineers: 01, biochemistry engineers: 01). The hospital has a charity kitchen, operating since 2007. Daily supply of boiled water, porridge, vegetarian rice for poor patients on 150 meals.


Project name: Ca Mau Water Hospital

Year of make: 1999



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