How to Ho Chi Minh City 275 km, along the Dong Nai river opposite the construction site of Dong Nai 3 Hydropower hydropower cascade It is 4th from the Dong Nai River upstream (after work Application Duong Dai Ninh hydropower, hydropower Dong Nai 2).

Construction sites Buildings in 5 communes: Loc Lam (Bao Lam district, Lam Dong province); Thuong Dinh Trang commune (Duy Linh – Lam Dong Province); Tan Thanh Commune (Lam Ha district – Lam Dong Province); Nia Dak, Dak B’lao (Dac Blong district – Dak Nong).

1. River Dam: the first roller concrete dam (RCC) dam crest level +595 (m); Long a crest elevation of 586.4 (m); crest width of 10 (m); the largest dam height of 108 (m); vertical roof upstream, downstream inclined with m = 0.8.

2. Spillway: gravity spillway, energy dissipation by nasal spray. Overflow weir level + 574m (16m lower FSL), with size 5-door, each door b x h = 15 x 16 (m). Supply valve with b x h = 15 x 16.5 (m). Opens by hydraulic cylinders with lifting capacity: 2 x 160T per door.

3. Shop for water: reinforced concrete structure, for water depth, with 2 cabins, each about 8 m width, the door on the bottom level +535 m; Biggest traffic through the door is 215 (m3 / s). Arrangement of lifting equipment installation and service of equipment operation.

4. Water tunnel: There is a 978 m long water path includes 3 sections:

* Section 1: Water tunnel reinforced concrete with a diameter of 8 m, 655 m long

* Paragraph 2 of pipe coated steel reinforced concrete, 7 m diameter, 269 m long

* Paragraph 3 is 2 penstock steel reinforced concrete cover, diameter 45 m long 54 m.

5. Hydropower Plant: Style openings; composed of 2 units, vertical Francis turbine, installed capacity of 90 MW per unit. Floor elevation +494.5 m fitted. The elevation +471.2 m turbine set. Plant size 57 (m) x 25 (m).

6. 220 Kw power distribution stations: outdoor types

7. Road 220 KV electrical connector from the factory to the system through 500KV station Dac Nong.

8. operational area managers


Project name: Dong Nai 3 Hydropower

Year: 2008

Area: 2441 km2

Value: 250 billion

Owner: corporation Electricity of Vietnam
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